Christian Banner Exchange (Free)

Christian Banner Exchange

Rules (Free Banner Exchange)

No Adult Sites

No Nudity on Banners.

No "cheating" (clicking on banners or repeatedly running code to drive your impression count up).

You must place code on your site! (Banner MUST appear on the URL link of your banner). No separate banner/link pages unless that is where your banner points to.

Multiple banners (with different links) must show banners on the landing page for each link.

Your site will not be shown until your code is active and is showing impressions.

Your bonus will not be added to your account until your site shows a minimum number of impressions (currently set at 25)

Your site account may be deleted if you do not start impressions within 30 days of signing up.

Your account will be suspended if it stops giving impressions for 30 days. Your account may de deleted if it stops giving impressions for 90 days. All earned impressions will be lost if this occurs.

The rules can (and will) change as I fine tune the program.

Rules (Advertisers)

No Adult Sites.

No Nudity on Banners.

No questionable business or personal sites (this is at the sole discretion of FamilyNet Banner exchange).

Any of the above advertiser listed rules will result in forfeiture of all funds in account!

All transactions will be conducted in US dollars.

No warranty or guarantees are made that we have traffic from any one country, and if your choice of a country to target traffic to does not bring impressions, we assume no responsibility and will not refund any advertising dollars if impressions are not used do to targeting.

No claims or warranty is made as to the availability of this service.

Reasonable effort will be made to assure the availability of the service, (current up time is 99+%) but no SLA is guaranteed.

In no case will any liability on the part of this service exceed the amount of cash funds purchased. Refunds of unused portion will be granted only via Paypal, in US Dollars, and with a 10% handling fee for all moneys refunded.

If you suspect cheating, please contact us with any documentation and we will take appropriate action to remedy the situation. Click and impression fraud is NOT tolerated or condoned!

These rules can and will be changed as necessary with no advanced notice.


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